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The one man band.

Grand Canyon 2014

Grand Canyon 2014


In 1998, I moved to San Francisco from New York with my band. I quickly became immersed in the Bay Area's creative scene and found myself right at home in the dot com boom of the late 90's. Though the bigger bubble did indeed burst, my hunger for a more defined career in visual arts led me to obtain my Master's Degree in Applied Science and Visual Design in 2006. For almost two decades, I've found a niche in helping early-stage ventures define their brands—through brand identity development, fund raising efforts, campaign development, and much more. In 2008, I developed a successful satellite agency model that catered primarily to non-profit efforts who could not afford big agency fees, but deserved big agency experience and attention. 

In July 2019, I moved my life from the redwood forests of Northern California to the saguaro-dotted mountains of the Sonoran Desert, just outside Tucson. I'm interested in helping like-minded ventures develop who they are and who they serve in meaningful, memorable ways. Thanks for stopping by :-) 

PS: I still play music. Follow my band!